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Mickey Is My Personal Trainer Part 2

Mickey Is My Personal Trainer Part 2

Still wondering how Disney can help you get fit? I was starting to wonder, too…

Now that I had signed up for the Wine and Dine 10K (and paid $120 for the privilege…) there was no turning back. Disney had inspired me to make the commitment- Could it inspire me to Get Down To Business and train like the Huns were invading?? If you’ve ever seen Mulan, you may be able to guess the answer. (You want to listen to the song now, don’t you? Go on, here, it’s already going to be stuck in your head anyway.)

I considered starting training right away, but, it was really cold. Besides, I had plenty of time! Eventually it became spring. And then summer. Finally, I decided it was time. My fiancé, who had been doing triathlons for years, did my first run with me, setting what he thought was a reasonable starting pace and run-to-walk ratio. Before we’d gone 2 minutes, I was winded. People actually LIKE running? It was discouraging to say the least- what had I signed myself up for??

A little later in June, I did my first run in the C25K app (which, incidentally, I highly recommend for beginning runners. It’s free, and doesn’t even have too many ads). It set a more modest program than my fiancé had optimistically tried. It wasn’t easy, but I could do it! When I finished, I excitedly looked for the stats to see how far and how fast I’d run. I discovered, to my disappointment, that that information is not tracked in the C25K app. I discussed the issue with a friend, who recommended using RunTastic in tandem with C25K. That did the trick- although I was sad to see how slow I was, initially. But I kept at it and, slowly, the runs became easier, and I became faster!

But I digress again. What kept me going was not an App, or encouragement from my sister and fiancé (though both of those things helped). What kept me going was the glorious image of myself running in the midst of fellow Disney fans, seeing characters along the course, and triumphantly crossing the finish line to receive my shiny medal.

Is Disney really that motivational? Will it really feel like you have your own mariachi band performing rousing Latin songs to keep your feet flying down the path?? Well, that is a matter of opinion. Some people are against Disney, saying it’s ‘just’ fantasy, that it’s ‘childish’, or similar arguments. But several Disney movies bring up very adult, real-world challenges, and positive means for overcoming them. Was the Princess and the Frog about a non-runner completing a 10k? No. But will that stop me from singing “Almost There” when I’m approaching the finish line to help myself keep going?? No it won’t! (And even if you’re not running a race, you can listen to it too– You never know what it might inspire you to do.) No matter how silly and fairy-tale Disney seems, I for one find valuable life lessons or, at the least, catchy inspirational songs to use in real life.

Has Disney inspired you to get fit, or achieve another goal? Comment below!

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