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Mickey Is My Personal Trainer Part 1

Mickey Is My Personal Trainer Part 1

Have you ever been to Disney World on a race event weekend? I have, and I admit to throwing covetous glances at the shiny medals the runners proudly sported as they walked around the parks after completing their events. I never imagined that, one day, that could be me! I’d never run in my life, and had no desire to start.

Fast forward a few years, and my vaguely unachievable dreams of displaying my own shiny Disney medal came back into my head. But this time, it was not the medal that I was after (or at least, the medal wasn’t the most important thing). This time, it was my fitness I wanted collect by participating in a Disney run!

Last year, I made a New Year’s Resolution that I would do a run at Disney World. This may seem a little outside the typical resolution- “She’s resolving to go on vacation?!? Boy, that sounds tough…” But, for me, this seemingly fun resolution was actually in line with the far more typical ‘get in shape’ kind of resolutions. So, you argue, why didn’t you just resolve to get in shape?? Well my friend, there are two problems with that: a general one, and a personal one. The general one is, “Get in Shape” is a TERRIBLE goal, according to accepted goal-setting advice. Goals need to be measurable, and ‘get in shape’ is not easily measurable. “Run a race at Disney”, on the other hand, is- either I’d do it, or I wouldn’t!

The second, personal reason is that I know myself. While not against physical labor (I willingly go backpacking on weekends, for example), I have never been able to sustain working out for the sake of working out. But, I had decided I needed more cardio in my life. So how to get around my loathing of exercise? Why, with my tried-and-true method of disguising exercise as a fun activity, of course. Jogging? Boo! But training for a run through DISNEY WORLD?? Awesome!

It may sound silly, but it worked. They say exercise is largely mental, right? So if I have to trick myself into it, then I am happy to do so! But I digress. Back to the actual event.

The run I chose was the Wine and Dine 10k. I originally had my sights set on the half-marathon, but as this would be my first-ever race, I’m glad my fiancé talked me down from that particular ledge. Honestly, I chose the event based on when it occurred. It was far enough away to not seem too scary, and to give me plenty of time to train. The sign-up opened in January. I had heard horror stories of races selling out in minutes, so I convinced myself, my sister, and my fiancé, who would be joining me in the race, to sign up the second it became available. After a few tense minutes, all of us had successfully nabbed spots- Triumph!!

Many weeks later, when spots were still available, I felt a bit silly. But hey, better safe than sorry!

Now that my spot was secure, I needed to train.

But training was going to be a lot more difficult than clicking a few buttons to sign up. Would my motivation hold for the harder part? Read part 2 to find out!

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