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People who go to Walt Disney World are not visitors, and they are certainly not tourists: they are guests. But will your experience as a guest be a good one? Or will it be worse than Mickey’s track record with magic hats? That’s up to you. I’d like to help you transform from a guest to an Intelliguest.

Sadly, the Fairy Godmother refuses to return my calls. So instead I’ll share knowledge built up over years of Disney trips, from childhood to my current state of adulthood (legally if not mentally. I have not yet outgrown skipping through the Magic Kingdom parking lot while singing A Whole New World, and hope I never do). This blog is written from the perspective of an adult going to Disney World. Therefore, I do not focus on kids’ activities. However, many of the tips are applicable to anyone visiting Disney- From kids all the way up to great-grandparents!

The primary focus of this blog is how to get the most out of your Disney trip. It will teach you how to become an Intelliguest by giving tips on saving time and money. This leaves you free to fully enjoy the Disney experience! It discusses maximum park enjoyment strategies, cheap and free experiences (they do exist!). It also gives detailed information and opinions on aspects of Disney World from the rides to the meals to the resorts.

My goal is that this blog will enhance your Disney trip experience from the planning stages all the way through the last firework on your final night in the parks. It will also help you get through the long, sad periods between one when trip ends and the next begins. Don’t know what to do when Disney is all too far away? Check out my ideas to Disn-fy your everyday life. You can also live vicariously through reports of my own visits, and build excitement for your next trip!

“But,” you ask, “Who is this mysterious writer helping all my Disney dreams come true?” Cue seamless transition to third person…

Tiffany currently lives in Ohio with her boyfriend and their 27 dogs, 18 cats and baby sloth.* She is an aspiring writer who enjoys hiking, traveling, dancing, chocolate, bad puns and of course, Disney! Tiffany’s mom is a long-time Disney World fan, and helps Tiffany feed her Disney addiction by inviting her on all her Disney trips and encouraging her to always say yes to dessert from the French Bakery in Epcot. Tiffany’s dad helped her learn how to plan Disney the right way from a young age, when he created spreadsheets for organized ride-planning. Tiffany’s sister is an editor for this blog and the designated approver of Tiffany’s Disneybound outfits.

*Hey, Disney says wishes come true!

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