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9 Disney Crowns You’ll Love to Wear

9 Disney Crowns You’ll Love to Wear

At Disney, anyone of any age can feel like a princess. I love the fact that I can actually wear a tiara there, without feeling silly! The hardest part is choosing a crown- there are so many lovely ones. Read on for a summary of my favorite Disney crowns.

  1. Classic princess. Disney has a princess-specific crown for all the major princesses. Usually, they even have a couple different types, though some are definitely aimed towards kids. The character crowns are rebooted from time to time, so if you don’t like the current one, you can try looking for an older version online or wait for the next version to come out.
  2. Beautiful sparkles. These crowns are available in several places around Epcot, such as the Mexico pavilion and the Germany crystal shop. They come in a variety of styles- and also a variety of prices! Look closely, because although crowns may look similar, they range in price from a reasonable $20, to $50 and up.
  3. More budget-friendly sparkles. Now, this may only be around prom season, but I found some pretty and sparkly crowns at Wal-Mart for around $12-16. They are very similar to the type you can get in Disney World (mentioned above). I had to work hard to restrain myself from getting one!
  4. The mini crown. I had been eyeing this kind of Disney crowns for years, but resisted buying one. Finally, my mother gave in to temptation for me and got me one for my birthday. I love it! It is designed to wear with a bun, but I’ve found it can go with any hairstyle that has at least a little hair up, so that it has somewhere to stick into. Intelliguest tip: I found it did fall off a couple times when I wasn’t careful enough, so pinning it on is a smart choice.
  5. Princess Mickey ears. There are a wide variety of Mickey ears hats, but the pink one with a crown and veil is one of my favorites. It was always difficult for me to choose between Mickey ears and Disney crowns when visiting the parks, and this lets me do both! I also love the veil. There is also a white version. It’s meant for brides, but so what!
  6. Flower crowns. This has been a trend for a few years now, and Disney caught on and started making their own official versions. But it’s not too difficult to make your own, and that way you get to save money and customize it to exactly what you want. There are a million posts on how to do this: I like Buzzfeed’s version. Of course, if you aren’t the crafty type you can also buy one outside the parks. Check out Amazon or Etsy, there are tons of options!
  7. Wire and bead. If you are crafty, you could try making your own metal crown. I’ve made a few from wire and beads, and was pretty happy with the results. If you’re already familiar with working with wire and beads, I encourage you to experiment! They are many different ways to go about it. I like the instructions from Tikkido, check them out!
  8. Wire and Flower Mickey Crown. The latest trend in Mickey ears is the wire and silk flower Mickey ear headbands. Many don’t include crowns, but some do. You can decorate a headband with flowers, wire and beads, or whatever you’d like. Check out these pretty designs and instructions from Pink Cake Plate to get started.
  9. Braided crown. If you have long enough hair, there are lots of braided crown options to choose from. Rapunzel had lovely intricate braids, why not you? You could even add in some flowers like she did! They aren’t all crown styles, but check out these gorgeous braids from Buzzfeed.

There are Disney crowns to suit every mood and style. What’s yours?

From the showy to the discreet, the colorful to the sparkly, there are so many different crown options to choose for your next trip to Disney World. I hope my crown roundup has given you ideas on which one you’ll wear next!

What’s your favorite crown to wear at Disney World?

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