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7 Tips for Displaying Disney Pins

7 Tips for Displaying Disney Pins

Ah Disney pins… Such a sweet addiction! There are thousands upon thousands to choose from, and more are added every year. I am not an avid pin collector, bent on collecting whole sets or hard-to-find pins. There is one criteria, and one criteria only for whether or not I want a pin: Do I like it? If you are anything like me, you have grown a collection of pins over the years (or even from a single visit!). I love having the pins, but I realized recently that although I have many cute and pretty pins, they spend almost their entire lives tucked away on felt in a box. I wondered, how could I put my lovely pins to better use? Read on for my ideas on displaying Disney Pins.

  1. Wear them. I know, this is the most obvious answer. Yet, I believe it’s one that is often overlooked. Sure, you see lots of people wearing pins at Disney. Most of them are on lanyards, shown as part of a collection or ready for trade. I’m talking about wearing the pins proudly, displaying a single pin on a lapel or pocket. And they aren’t just for Disney World. One day I decided to wear a Disney pin to work. I felt a little self conscious- I never see people wearing pins, and certainly not Disney pins. But I decided I didn’t care, and I wanted to wear my pin! So I did, and no one said I was a lunatic (at least, not to my face…).
  2. Display them on a bulletin board. This is one of the easiest ways to display pins- just stick and go! You don’t need to just add them randomly though. You could put them in patterns, or put some Disney-inspired paper behind them.
  3. Put them on your tie. If you wear a tie every day, why not spice it up with a pin? You could wear a different one every day. You will become known as the Disney Pin guy!
  4. Make a pin vest. I’ve seen this on some guests in Disney World. They have a denim or other heavy duty material vest, often absolutely chock full of pins. Now personally, I wouldn’t want to do this. One, because it would be heavy. Two, I’d be afraid to lose pins! Not to mention the complications if I had to go through the metal detector at security… If you do decide to try this method, I would suggest finding a more secure way to keep the pins from falling off– those backs are not fail safe!
  5. Decorate a pin hat. Similar to the above idea, but it seems a little more practical to me. Of course, you can only fit so many pins on it. But do you really need to wear every pin you own all at once?
  6. Make a pin display book. Get some felt or similar fabric, it should be stiff and not show pin holes easily. Use a 3-hole punch to make holes in the side, and add as many pages as necessary to a 3 ring binder. Add pins, and presto! An easy way to look through your pins. Alternately, you could buy a ready-made pin book at Disney World or elsewhere. But when it’s so easy to make, why spend more?
  7. Make a pin scrapbook. If you like the above idea but want to take it further, you could incorporate pins into a scrapbook. Disney has some gorgeous scrapbooking materials, from paper to scissors to Mickey-shaped hole punches. You could add the pins where they fit aesthetically, for example a Cinderella pin by your picture of getting a hug from that princess. Or, you could put the pins with pictures from the day you got them. Some notes of caution: 1) Make sure to use heavy duty paper (such as cardstock) to minimize the chances of ripping. Using page protectors will help with this too. 2) Anytime you put something that isn’t flat in a scrapbook, it will deform the pages to some extent. Don’t expect your pin scrapbook to stay pretty and flat, because it won’t.

Disney pins are too wonderful to keep hidden in a box somewhere!

I hope this post has given you ideas for how to display your treasured pin collection.

What’s your favorite way to display Disney pins?

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