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12 Tips on How To Disneybound

12 Tips on How To Disneybound

My sister and I have done quite a few Disneybounds on our trips to Disney World. We’ve found that some get a lot more recognition than others. Do you need attention to have a good Disneybound? Of course not! But it is fun. Through trial and error, we’ve discovered some things in common as to what makes the best Disneybound outfits. #1, of course, is that YOU love it! If you’d like to know more, read on for my tips on how to Disneybound.

Not sure what Disneybounding is? Then why are you reading an article on How to Disneybound?? Kidding… I’ll save the details for another post but, in a nutshell, it’s an outfit inspired by a Disney character.

  1. Color is key. Color is probably the #1 factor in Disneybound recognition. But, if you want to do an Ariel Disneybound, you can’t just wear lime and florescent purple and call it a day (not if you want to be recognized as Ariel, anyway). Each Disney character has very specific shades in their appearance. Several Disney color tones are even copyrighted! So before you choose your outfit, look up pictures of the characters. The shades you pick don’t need to be absolutely exact, but they should be close.
  2. More colors = more recognition. I’ve noticed that some characters are much more recognizable Disneybounds than others. For example, when I did a Disneybound Anna, part of the reason I got lots of recognition is because Anna has several colors that are unlikely to be found together in a normal outfit. (Have you ever seen someone wearing deep blue, mint green, magenta and black together who wasn’t singing Frozen songs?) If your character has only one or two colors in their outfit, many people may not notice the connection. In these cases, it’s helpful to use signature items such as the black choker Cinderella (ball gown version) wears. See below for more on that.
  3. Take advantage of signature items. This is definitely useful if you want to know how to Disneybound! Some characters have some accessory or aspect of their appearance that can practically capture the character on its own. For the classic Leia, you’re going to need the buns. If you want an unmistakable Ariel, fashion a hair piece from a tiny fork. For Cogsworth, wear a steampunk-style gear and clockface necklace or hairclip. Think creatively- if you want to do a Sully outfit, look for something blue and furry.
  4. Consider style, but don’t let it hold you back. When I say style here, I mean wearing a ‘mermaid’ style skirt for Ariel or a long yellow gown for Belle. Depending on the character you choose or the look you want, you can choose to stick close or stray far from the style of the character’s clothes. Any character who wears a dress can easily be switched to pants or shorts (though this generally works best for characters with several signature colors). I like to sometimes at least take cues from the character’s style. For example, I once Disneybound Briar Rose, and went for a black corset rather than just anything black. For Ariel in human form (blue outfit), my sister used the same tactic. (Yes, if you’re clever, you can use the same item of clothing for multiple characters!)
  5. Don’t stress over hair color. When I choose a character, I am sometimes tempted to go for the ones that match my hair color. But then I realized I was limiting myself. Some people might advise going for the same hair color if you want tips on how to Disneybound, but I say the opposite. You can get creative with including the hair color of your chosen character: for example, if you’re Disneybounding Snow White but don’t have black hair, you could wear a black bow, headband or scarf. People may recognize you more quickly if you have Ariel’s red hair or Elsa’s long pale blonde locks, but don’t let that hold you back!
  6. Use your character’s hairstyle– or not. If your character has an iconic hairstyle, mimicking it can really help people recognize your Disneybound. Leia buns + basically anything white will be recognizable. A braid or two for Elsa and Anna respectively helps complete the outfits. For Cinderalla (ballgown version) I always put my hair in a high bun. I leave off the headband though, because headbands annoy me. For some characters such as Snow White, it’s difficult to capture the hairstyle unless you happen to have the right haircut. But don’t let that stop you (or convince you to make a desperate trip to the stylist). Use hairstyles when you want to and when it works with your hair, but if you want to Disneybound Belle with a bob, do it!
  7. Don’t be afraid to bend genders. Love Han Solo but don’t have the testosterone for it? Do it anyway! Wear his signature pants, or opt for a skirt version. I’ve even seen pictures of Disneybounding couples where they swapped roles: the guy was dressed in Ariel’s colors while the girl was in Eric’s.
  8. Play with theme. Especially when it comes to accessories, there is a lot of room for fun. You can choose to pick accessories similar to what your chosen character wears, or you can pick something that simply goes with the theme. For example, if you’re Disneybounding Pocahontas, you could wear a dreamcatcher necklace even though that’s not what her necklace looks like in the movie. For Ariel, I have worn shell and starfish necklaces, even though Ariel doesn’t wear a necklace.
  9. Image search is your friend. That probably goes without saying (but you’re reading a post about how to Disneybound so I’m saying it anyway, so THERE!). Whenever I’m looking for inspiration for a new Disneybound, I like to start by looking through a bunch of pictures on google. You can also check out the GORGEOUS official Disneybound blog, or the hashtag on Twitter. Sometimes I don’t know which character I want to do, and seeing the pictures will steer me one way or another. Also, thrifty as I am, I try to avoid buying new items of clothing whenever possible. So I look for colors and styles that I already own.
  10. Dress up as a couple or group. Not only is this more fun than going solo (unless your Solo is accompanied by Leia, of course…), it also makes recognition that much more likely. When someone sees you and wonders if you might be channeling Elsa, their suspicion will be confirmed when they see you walking around with someone who looks like they might be channeling Anna! So far I’ve only done this with my sister, but I think it would be really cute to do with my boyfriend, and fun to do with a groups of friends.
  11. Don’t forget comfort. It can be easy to get caught up with making the perfect Disneybound, at the expense of reason. That’s why I thought it could be helpful to include this tip in my How to Disneybound post- the outfit is, first and foremost, for YOU! If you decide to wear Anna’s pink winter cloak, it could make your day at Disney World very uncomfortable. Think about wearing the outfit in Florida heat for hours on end, lots of walking, and the inevitable jostling from the rides. If if won’t be comfortable, try to find alternatives. No matter how perfect those Cinderella heels are, by the end of the day in the parks you’ll end up hating them! Have the perfect outfit, but realize it won’t work at Disney World? Despair not, you can wear Disneybounds anywhere, not just in the parks! I have worn Disneybounds that would be too hot for Orlando to work several times. No one noticed, but my sister and I got a good laugh out of it.
  12. Have fun! Cheesy, I know. But the whole point of Disneybounding is to enjoy yourself. Play with it, experiment, and don’t worry if no one comments on your outfit. I once decided to Disneybound Stitch with a blue shirt and blue dress in the two shades of Stich blue. I knew it wasn’t noticeable enough like that, so I decided to wear my pink princess Mickey Ears hat as a nod to the pink on Stitch’s ears. My sister warned me trying to Disneybound Stitch while wearing a princess crown would be confusing, but I decided to do it anyway. No one recognized it, even with Katrina in a Lilo Disneybound. But I had fun putting together and wearing the outfit anyway!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tips on How To Disneybound!

What are you favorite Disneybounds?

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